Switch Up exists to empower Nottingham's young people, children and young adults to break the cycle of offending and reoffending.

Through engaging young people in positive activities, sports, mentoring and peer mentoring, we equip them with the skills, character and confidence they need to realise their full potential.

Switch Up uses tried and tested mentoring techniques along with physical training to engage Nottingham’s young people in positive activity and to steer them away from the circle of crime and gang-criminality.

We deliver outreach service, mentoring, peer mentoring, accredited non-formal education, and through-the-gate resettlement mentoring for young people serving custodial sentences.

Through our programmes we help young people to reflect on their lives and to express positive targets for the future.

We use Sport, Mentoring, Peer-Mentoring and Guidance to help the vulnerable across Nottinghamshire.

Children and adults are naturally followers – followers of the leaders of their groups. Those from disadvantaged backgrounds are prone to follow unsuitable leaders, especially in gang environments. Our current projects concentrate on assisting three groups of vulnerable, hard to reach people:

1.     Ex Offenders – both juvenile and young adults.

2.     School Children – especially those in transition from Primary to Secondary School.

3.     Young Women – who have been effected by criminal gangs.

e: swithupcic@outlook.com

t: 07412 691 466

For more information on any of our programmes or projects, or to get involved then please get in contact:

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