Nottingham’s mentorship organisation Switch Up, which offers support to vulnerable youngsters in the city, has kicked off its partnership with Oakfield Construction with the successful placement of 19 year old Bryer Wheatley into full-time employment.

Bryer has been at the company since the start of June and is employed at the Oakfield Construction recycling centre in Hucknall. His role in quality control is vital to the company’s production of aggregates for construction projects across the region. Bryer plans to continue his training with the company to eventually become a machine driver.

Mark Flint, managing director of Oakfield construction, said: “Bryer is a great lad – he’s been with us for a while now and he’s learning and progressing well. I fully believe in the support that Switch Up gives to vulnerable young people; we need fresh talent as a growing company and offering Bryer a job meant we could make a real difference to someone working hard to get where they want to in life.”

Marcellus Baz, managing director of Switch Up, added: “Bryer really benefitted from our mentorship programme alongside positive activities such as boxing. He quickly built a higher level of self-confidence and was motivated to start a career in construction. He’s since also become a national amateur boxer – the whole Switch Up team is so proud of his amazing achievements.

“I want to thank Mark and Oakfield Construction again for their support – not every company is willing to invest time in a young person but they recognised the amazing potential that Bryer has as an employee. Putting people into work and setting them on the right path is the ultimate aim of Switch Up – I’m thrilled that we achieved this goal for Bryer.”

Marcellus Baz, who was heading for a career as a professional boxer before a knife attack, set up the Nottingham School of Boxing to give young people a place to learn the discipline of sport and avoid gang violence. Following this, he created Switch Up, an organisation that provides wider mentorship support.

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