Switch Up and Nottingham School of Boxing were recently selected by Nottingham Ice Skating Legends Jayne Torvill & Christopher Dean, to take part in a new ITV television show, Skate Estate.
Our young people attended auditions and then trained up with the pair. Most of them had never set foot on the ice before. They were taught basic skating skills and then the more complicated moves until they were competent enough to put on a performance to friends, family and the public. You can catch the SKATE  ESTATE show on ITV when it is aired in February 2015.

We are honoured to announce that Jayne & Chris were so impressed with Switch Up & the Nottingham School of Boxing, that they agreed to become our Patrons, offering continued support.

“The work that Marcellus is doing with his team at Switch-Up Nottingham, is both ground-breaking and incredibly important to communities just like those involved in the creative programmes they run, that reach into the heart of the issues inner cities face every day. We believe it is vital to raise awareness of this work to people and organisations who can support the tremendous commitment and effort they make. Marcellus has demonstrated that Nottingham can become an international leader in the work against gang violence and culture with the powerful connections he is making here in the uk, and the recognition their work is attracting across the world.”

Quote from Jayne Torvill and Chris Dean our Patrons